Bus Transfers To and From Kayseri Airport

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Buses from Kayseri Airport with Bus Routes and Times

Passengers at Kayseri Airport have a variety of options for ground transportation, including cabs, rental cars, ridesharing services, trains, and buses.

At Kayseri Airport, there are several bus companies. You could use a shuttle service run by Municipal Bus.

Another option for transportation is the airport shuttle bus service. Shuttle buses are available after leaving Kayseri Airport, depending on the departure times.

Municipal Bus

Municipal Buses are public bus service options to get to Kayseri's city center in Cappadocia. Every day from Monday through Sunday, from 6.40 am to 11.30 pm, bus 100 departs from the airport terminal for Kayseri.

Bus service 100 departs from the airport on average every 30 minutes from Monday through Saturday, compared to every 60 minutes on Sunday.

In off-peak hours, tickets are less than 6.6TL, and the trip takes 25 minutes. Before boarding the bus, you can purchase a Kayseri public transportation card at the airport.

As soon as you leave the airport terminal, you can board a public bus to Cappadocia (Kayseri). You will arrive at the ASR airport bus stop, where all public buses pick up passengers for Cappadocia, by following the signs to Exit and Buses.

There are more practical options than taking a public bus to get to Kayseri's city center in Cappadocia. You might have to wait longer than anticipated because public transportation only sometimes runs on schedule.

Also, if you are still getting familiar with the Cappadocia region or the Turkish language, reaching from the city center bus stop to your hotel may prove challenging.

Shuttle Bus

To get to Cappadocia, there is also the shuttle bus option. Tickets for shuttle buses can be purchased at the airport outlet, and shuttle buses from different companies depart from the airport based on the arrival times of ASR flights.

By scheduling a service in advance and providing the operator with your estimated arrival time, you can obtain a shuttle bus for your trip to Cappadocia (Kayseri). Depending on demand and passenger flight arrival times, shuttle bus routes are set up.

The operator will inform you of your scheduled shuttle bus service to Cappadocia. The shuttle bus ride to Cappadocia (Kayseri) costs 12TL and lasts 20 minutes. Due to the low volume of airport traffic at night, there are typically few shuttle bus options.

Email the shuttle bus company of your choice to schedule a pickup time and payment.

If your flight is delayed or you arrive at a time of day when demand is low, your wait time may go beyond one or two hours.

At Kayseri Airport, shuttle bus routes are planned in response to demand. They serve passengers daily from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm, but this is a different schedule.

From the Kayseri airport, a shuttle bus runs to Cappadocia (Kayseri). You and your fellow travelers will find the prearranged shuttle bus waiting outside the airport's Arrival area.

It could be more convenient to travel from Kayseri Airport to the city of Kayseri in Cappadocia by shuttle bus. There is no set route for shuttle buses, and they only run when there is a need for passengers.

You must make a prior request for the service before your flight to be permitted to board a shuttle bus. Even in this scenario, the wait time before your shuttle bus picks you up could be several hours.

Passengers who have yet to reserve a shuttle bus service are not permitted to board a shuttle to Cappadocia (Kayseri). Even if the shuttle bus driver asks you to use the service, you shouldn't avoid problems.